(Custom domain vs subdomain) 


Whenever we open and search website for example or is the domain. The name like Google and YouTube is the domain name of the given address. We can easily buy domain name from domain provider company like Godaddy, Namecheap etc. 

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Hosting is the platform where our domain is hosted in various platform like WordPress. For blogger the hosting is free and is provided by Google itself.  

Custom domain vs sub domain
Custom domain vs subdomain

Contents covered in this post:-

1) Introduction

2) Brief discussion on custom domain

3) Brief discussion on subdomain

4) My opinion regarding custom and subdomain

Today we are going to compare custom domain and subdomain and see it's advantages and disadvantages:-

Custom domain:-

Custom domain are those types of domain which we buy from different domain providers like Godaddy, Namecheap etc and example of custom domain are :-  . Com domain,   . In domain,   . Org domain,   . XYZ domain etc. 

We have to pay certain amount of money to buy domain from the domain provider company. 

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The advantages of custom domain is it is reliable, it is easily approved by ads company, there is huge chances to be on the top of Google search list with these types of domain. We can get good revenue from different ads company by placing their ads on our website. 

The disadvantage of custom domain is we have to pay a certain amount monthly or yearly as per company policy to own the domain and to use it. 

Sub domain:-

Sub domain are those type of domain which is self hosted. The best example of sub domain is blogspot domain which is hosted by Google itself on blogger platform. 

The advantage of subdomain is we can use it for free and can be used for lifetime without paying for it. 

The disadvantage of subdomain is it is hard for subdomain to be in Google search list as looks a bit unprofessional and less trusted by the readers too. 

The revenue generated is also less in comparison to custom domain. 

Custom domain vs subdomain
Custom domain vs subdomain

My opinion:-

In my opinion if anyone wants to flourish their career as a blogger they must use custom domain instead of subdomain for their website as it's looks more professional and more trustworthy in comparison to subdomain. The revenue generated will also be high in comparison to subdomain. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-


Which is best custom domain or subdomain? 

Ans:- For professional blogging career in my view custom domain is far better than subdomain. 


What is the popular custom domain? 

Ans:- The most popular custom domain is  . Com domain. 


What is the example of subdomain? 

Ans:- The best example of subdomain is


Which is more professional custom domain or subdomain? 

Ans:- In my view custom domain looks more professional in comparison to subdomain. 

Hope you like this post if you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment down below. 

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