Biography of great poet of nepal laxmi prasad devkota

October 12, 2020

Biography of laxmi prasad devkota:-


Laxmi prasad devkota was born on 12th November Dobhidhara kathmandu. His father name was Tilmadhav devkota and mother name was Rajyalakshmi devi. He was the third son of his family.

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Contents covered in this post:-

Introduction of laxmi prasad devkota

Birthplace and birthdate of laxmi prasad devkotdevkota

School and education of laxmi prasad devkota

Works and achievement of laxmi prasad devkota

His literature and poems



 His birthname was Thirthamadhav devkota since he was born on laxmi puja day .

His name was kept on the name of goddess laxmi and his name became laxmi prasad devkota. 

Biography of laxmi prasad devkota
Biography of Laxmi prasad devkota

School and education:-

Laxmi prasad devkota was good at his studies. He was fond of writing poems from his childhood. 

He used to recite his poems in his classroom. He passed his slc exam from India with first division marks at that time which proves that he was good at his studies. 

His works:-

He wrote epic literature like shakuntal,Munamadan, sulochana, kunjini etc. He was honoured the title of mahakavi which means great poet in Nepali literature. 

He was not only great poet but also was a good human being once when he was walking on the way to his office he saw a person shivering in cold in the road then he took off his coat and gave to that person this shows his helpful nature and a sign of good human being. 

He did splendid works in flourishing  of Nepali literature in Nepal and on 1959 he died at early age in kathmandu. 


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 Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) when did laxmi prasad devkota died

Ans:--He died in his early days on september 14,1959 A. D. 

2) when and where was laxmi prasad devkota born? 

Ans:- Laxmi prasad devkota was born 12th November 1909 A. D. In kathmandu. 

3) what are the famous books of laxmi prasad devkota? 

Ans:-Munamadan, shakuntal,The witch doctor are some of the famous books of laxmi prasad devkota. 

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