Importance of ict in today's world and uses of ict in various sectors and fields:-

ICT refers to information and communication technology so we can say that Ict is the combination of information, communication and technology. 

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Ict is used in our day to day life from business, education, scientific research, health sectors and so on. 

We can easily read anything we like to read just by sitting in our home just by using ict tools like mobile, computer etc. 

In fact we can gain knowledge and easily understand what is going on in the world with just by clicking it in our computer and we can know what we want to know it is as simple as that. 

Isn't it interesting how ict tools has made our lives more easier and quicker. We can do our studies, business simply just by using ict tools isn't it great. 

Information system which is used for the communication through any medium using technology is known as ict. 

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ICT has made our daily life and works more easier and convenient. With the help of ICT tools we can perform our day to day task more easily and in comfortable way. 

Contents covered in this post:-

1) Tools of ICT

2) Brief discussion of ICT
a) information
b) communication
C) Technology

3) uses of ICT in various sectors
a) ict in education
b) ict in health
c) ict in business
d) ict in entertainment
e) ict in communication

4) conclusion

Ict tools and its uses
Ict tools and it's uses

The tools of ICT are as follows:-

a) computers

b) Telephone

c) Television

d) projector

e) radio

f) gadgets and so on. 

Ict tools and its uses
Ict tools and it's uses

Brief discussion about ICT:-

Information:- Important and useful facts obtained as output from a computer by means of processing input data with a program is called information. 

Communication:-communication means sharing of data and information from one place to another with the help of communication devices like telephone, optical fiber etc. 

Technology:- Technology is the knowledge of new gadgets which can make life easier, happier and time saver. 

Ict tools and its uses
Ict tools and it's uses

Uses of ICT in various sectors:-

1) ICT in Education:--Ict improves the quality of education for students as well as teachers. 

Teachers can create interactive class and can make their lessons more enjoyable. student can learn and understand their lesson easily.

Student will be more focusses towards their studies if they are taught through ICT mediums rather than formal teachings. 

2) ICT in Health:- Ict has played vital role in the field of health sector as it provides accurate and up-to-date information about patients health to the doctors.

 It helps in improving the overall health system and it is used in operation theatre to monitor the data regarding patient health. 

3) ICT in Business:- Ict is used in business for buying and selling of goods from one place to another using computer and internet. 

Ict in business is also called as Ecommerce in technical term. 

4) ICT in Entertainment:- Ict is used in entertainment field for watching movies, series, playing games, chatting, doing animations using ict.

 We can easily enjoy our leisure time and can have fun through Ict medium used for entertainment purposes. 

5) ICT in communication:- we can share our data and information from one place to another using various kinds of communication devices. Example of communication devices are telephone, radio etc .

we can send and receive our goods from one place of the world to another just by sitting in our home. 

As well as we can communicate with our friends and relatives just by sitting in our home with the help of communication devices. 


So by the following ways ICT has made our world easier and more comfortable as it is used in various fields such as entertainment, health sectors, education sectors, business sectors and so on. 

So by this way ICT has made a huge and positive impact in the life of human beings and made our world and work more easier and comfortable. 

Hope you like this post if you have any questions feel free to comment down below so that I can reply you back. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-


What is ICT simple definition? 

Ans:-ICT means information communication technology in which information is transmitted from one place to another with the help of technology. 


What is importance of ICT? 

Ans:-ICT is important because it plays vital role in the field of education, business, health sectors, entertainment and so on and it has made our work easier comfortable and quicker. 


What are the types of ICT? 

Ans:- The types of ICT are:-

ICT used in education

ICT used in business

ICT used in health sectors

ICT used in Entertainment


How ICT can help students? 

Ans:-ICT helps students more focused towards their studies even teachers can easily explain their lesson to the students easily with the help of ICT tools like projector, computer etc

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Thank you