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Here I give people information about technology, home remedies and biography with the experienced which I have gained in my life. 

Amazing informations

 At website We write posts related to tech information, Top 10 lists, home remedies and biographies of different personalities in our posts. 

My name is suman kumar chaudhary.I am the author of amazing informations. I love writing blogs. It is my passion that I am following. I generally prefer to write blogs on biography, home remedies, technology and so on. 

Here in my blog you can find various posts related to tech, top 10 lists, biographies and home remedies that will surely motivate you and inspire you read more of my posts. 

I have published 43 posts till now and many other posts are in progress to be published. 


I am a Engineer by profession and my passion is to write and share my experience by writing blogs about it and I am very much passionate about learning new things in life I love reading biographies of different personalities, I am very much passionate about being fit and I love the gadgets around me and always interested in learning new things about technology. 

So behalf of my experiences and studies which I have done related to home remedies, biographies and technology and to share my experiences and motivate my readers I have started to write posts on my website

This is my multi niche blog and the contents which I have posted in my blog regarding various niches is written of my knowledge and experiences which I have gained till now. These are just my knowledge and ideas which I have shared in my blog. 

If you have any queries or suggestions you can comment on our contact us page on my website or you can simply email us to

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