Multimedia means the combination of quite one media which may include text, sound, graphics, videos, animations etc. 

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Multimedia and its application
Multimedia and it's application

Today we are getting to know about the unique application of multimedia and that they are as follows:-

Contents covered in this post:-
1) Application of multimedia
2) use of multimedia in entertainment
3) use of multimedia in education sector
4) use of multimedia in business and industrial sectors
5) use of multimedia in video conferencing
6) use of multimedia in electronic messaging
7) conclusion

Applications of multimedia:-

1) use of multimedia in entertainment:-

Multimedia is used in entertainment for various purposes such as watching movies, cartoons, playing video games. 

Multimedia is additionally won't to enhance the teaching and learning advancement for the scholars in order that they will learn their lessons more easily and quickly with the assistance of multimedia. 

It makes them more concentrated to their studies using multimedia lesson instead of theoretical lesson taught within the classroom. 

2)Use of multimedia in education sector:-

Multimedia is used in education sector for various types of teaching and learning activities. One can do distance learning sitting in home through the use of multimedia. It allows the visualization of various things and making the method of learning easier. 

Multimedia and its application
Multimedia and it's application

3) use of multimedia in advertising:-

Multimedia is generally preferred in advertising sectors to advertise their products using various multimedia platforms like radio, television, videos etc and it helps them to plug their products in easier way.

 They don't have to go door to door to sell their products by the help of multimedia they easily can sell their products just by placing their products on various multimedia platforms. 

4) use of multimedia in business and industrial sectors:-

Multimedia helps to reinforce the event and growth of business and industrial sectors in various ways like in business sectors one can grow their business by advertising their products and making their products reach in each nook and corner of the planet. 

In industry sector they can provide training  and present various types of information about their industry to their co workers and staffs using the multimedia. They also can advertise and sell their products with the help of multimedia. 

Multimedia and its application
Multimedia and it's application

5) use of multimedia for video conferencing:-

Multimedia is simply used to deliver data from one distance to another with the use of video call. We can video talk from one place to different place by using the technology of video conferencing. 

For video conferencing we must have computer, microphone, speaker camera and good internet connection in our computer. 

6) use of multimedia in electronic messaging:-

We can send text audio, videos, data, information from one place to another with the help of multimedia and good internet connection. 

We can deliver our information and knowledge from one part of the planet to a different   just sitting in our room by using different sort of multimedia. 

By this way multimedia helps in electronic messaging. 

Multimedia and its application
Multimedia and it's application


So here we came to understand in brief about multimedia and its applications in proper way. 

We can take several benefits using multimedia in various sectors such as education, health, science and research, growth of business and industry sectors and so on. 

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) :-

1) What is multimedia? 

Ans:-Multimedia is the combination of any two medias like audio and video or animation and sound or text and audio etc. 

2) what are the five types of multimedia? 

Ans:- The five types of multimedia are:- text, audio, video, animation, graphics etc. 

3) Is an example of  multimedia software? 

Ans:- mx player can be taken as an example of multimedia software. 

4) Is youtube a multimedia? 

Ans:- yes of course YouTube is multimedia because in YouTube we can see combination of audio, video, text, graphics so YouTube can be said as multimedia. 

5) Is social media multimedia? 

Ans:- yes social media is multimedia because in social media also we can see the combination of multimedia components like text, audio, video, graphics, image and so on so social media can be said as multimedia. 

So this was my post related to multimedia and it's application for any questions regarding the post do comment down below and if you like the post do share it with your friends. 

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