Telecommunication companies in Nepal:-


Telecommunication means communication or sharing of information or data from one place to another with the help of different telecommunication mediums like telephones, mobiles , fiber optics, satellite and so on. 

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We can send emails, send messages and informations, do chats and video calls and surf internet with the help of telecommunication. 

Telecommunication may be wired or wireless too. In today's world we use wifi it is the one of the mean or we can say that one example of wireless telecommunication. 

Telecommunication in Nepal is in the phase of progression as compared to other countries as it has less no of telecommunication service provider but also people are using private internet service providers and the speed is quite nice. 

Some popular private internet service provider company are:- worldlink, classictech, parabhu internet, subisu and so on. They provide good internet speed too. 

People uses telecommunications like Nepal telecom, Ncell and smartcell in Nepal. Internet prices is very nice in Nepal as compared to other countries. It's average speed is 20mbps internet speed. Mainly people here in Nepal uses social media's like Facebook, YouTube and so on in Nepal. 

Today we are going to discuss about three main telecommunication service provider of Nepal and they are described as follows:-

Contents covered in this post:-

1) Telecom operators in Nepal

2) Nepal telecom

3) Ncell

4) smartcell

Telecommunication in Nepal
Telecommunication in Nepal

Telecom operators in Nepal:-

1) Nepal Telecom:-

Nepal telecom is a government owned telecommunication service provider which provides services like 4g 3g in Nepal. It has 91.49% share of government and it is oldest of the service provider in comparison to Ncell and smart cell. 

2) Ncell:-

Ncell is a private telecommunication service 

provider which was launced in 2004 by its parent company named Tella company and it's headquarter is in kathmandu and it is used all over Nepal by Nepali consumers. It has provides services like 4g and 3g to it's consumers. 

3) smart cell:-

Last but not the least is the smart cell. It is the third largest telecommunication service provider of Nepal which was established on July 1 2008.Its headquarter is in lalitpur. It also provides services same as Nepal telecom and Ncell does. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) what is telecommunication? 

Ans:-Telecommunication means the sharing of data and information from one place to another with the help of telecommunication technology. 

2) what is the best example of telecommunication? 

Ans:- The best example of telecommunication is internet. 

3) what are the basic elements of  telecommunication system? 

Ans:- The basic elements of telecommunication system are we need transmitter to transmit data first and transmission medium through which data is sent and finally we need reciever to receive data. 

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