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Difference between vlogging and blogging in 2021??


Today we are going to discuss about what are the main differences between vlogging and blogging and how can we start our own vlogging or blogging and start earning the money. 

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1) Blogging:-

Difference between blogging and vlogging in 2021
Difference between vlogging and blogging in 2021

In Blogging we need to write content according to our niches. We have to create website and have to write the content in it. We have to make account on blogger or any other platform to start our journey as a blogger.

 We have to insert gmail I'd and other information on blogger. We can write content on various topics such as entertainment, News, technology, health tips, fitness etc. We can earn in blogging through adsense by placing ads on our website and we can earn through affiliate marketing as well. 

2) vlogging:-

Difference between vlogging and blogging in 2021
Difference between vlogging and blogging in 2021

In vlogging we have to make videos and have to submit to various social media like Facebook, YouTube etc in vlogging. 

We can make vlogs in various topics such as comedy, technology, vines etc and earn through vlogging by placing ads on our vlogs. 

To earn through YouTube we should first complete 1k subscribers and 4000 hours watch time on YouTube than only we can apply for adsense for our YouTube channel. 


Comparing both Blogging and vlogging we can say that Blogging means writing content on website and vlogging means showing your content in the form of videos in different platforms like YouTube. 

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So it depends on person to person as per their choices to start their journey as blogger or as vlogger as both have their own importance and significance. 

Hope you like this post related to the comparison between blogging and vlogging if you have any queries regarding this post please feel free to comment your queries below so that I can reply you back. 

Thank you

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