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Biography of sanam puri and his band

 Journey and struggle of Sanam puri to be a YouTube singing star:-


We have obviously heard Sanam puri in his YouTube channel called sanam so basically sanam puri is singer of the SANAM band which has four members in it. 

Biography of sanam puri
Biography of sanam puri

Contents covered in this post:-

Introduction of sanam puri

Birthplace of sanam puri

Family of sanam puri

Band of sanam puri

Studies and education of sanam puri

YouTube career of sanam puri

Earnings of sanam puri


Birthplace: On 30th June 1992 sanam puri was born in Delhi. He was not interested in music in his childhood. 

His brother used to take piano lessons and his parents used to send him too to learn piano but he used to get bored.

 When one day samar puri was playing his piano sanam puri started to sing a song and therefore the music teacher suggested him to hitch singing class. 

Studies and education:-

When he was in his school named Indian Muscut he met vanky then sanam his brother samar and vanky formed a band and they had performed on various ceremonies and occasion.


Sanam puri was a college dropout. After a while sanam puri and his brother shifted to mumbai in search of opportunities and there they met keshav who is current drummer of the band. 

In 2010 Times music of India hosted an event and their sanam and his band performed and won the event. 

SANAM with his band members

After struggling for a certain time period they finally met vishal and shekhar famous musician of Bollywood and got chance to sing in Bollywood for the song like dhat teri ki, ishq bhulava etc. 

After that sanam and his band started their YouTube channel and uploaded cover songs of Bollywood and got very recognizable. 

Now at present sanam and his band is considered as the top band of india. Sanam band has performed lots of concerts inside and outside the country and has more than 8 million subscribers in YouTube. 

His songs:-
Sanam net worth is to be quite $2 million dollars. Some of the popular cover songs of sanam and his band are as follows:

1) Gulabi aankhen

2) Duaa

3) Bulleya

4) tum hi ho

5) samjhawa

6) teri deewani

7) kahi door jab

8) lag ja gale

9) Dilbar mere

10) pal pal dil ke paas 


These are just few songs you can check all the popular songs of sanam in their YouTube channel named as SANAM. 

More cover songs and singles are yet to come by the SANAM band. 

 I know you will like it once  you will hear their music and their efforts made within the song.

I hope you loved reading the biography and struggle of sanam and his band. 

For any queries or suggestions you can comment down below so that i can reply you back as soon as possible. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) where was sanam puri born? 

Ans:-sanam puri was born in New Delhi. 

2) who is the girl friend of sanam puri? 

Ans:-Asmi shrestha is the girlfriend of sanam puri. 

3) Is sanam puri Indian? 

Ans:-Yes sanam puri is indian. 

4) what is the religion of sanam puri? 

Ans:- Sanam puri is hindu by religion. 

5) Is sanam puri vegetarian? 

Ans:-Yes sanam puri is pure vegetarian. 

Thank you

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