Biography of versatile singer sonu nigam

 Sonu Nigam's journey as a singer:-


Since, Bollywood has started in India it has produced great and legendary singer like Mohammad Rafi, kishore kumar, Lata mangeskar, Asha bhosle, udit narayan, alka yagnik, kumar sanu, Arijit singh and so on and amongst them sonu nigam is also a well known and versatile singer in the Bollywood at present. 

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Biography of sonu Nigam
Biography of sonu Nigam

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Introduction of sonu nigam

Birthplace of sonu nigam

Family of sonu nigam

Studies and education of sonu nigam

Careers of sonu nigam

Songs of sonu nigam



Sonu nigam was born on 30th july 1973 in faridabad haryana India. 

Sonu nigam was fond of singing from his childhood because his father and mother both were singers. 

Sonu nigam has worked as an child artists in various Bollywood movies too. He has won various singing competition in his childhood.


Studies and education:-

After completing his 12th exam he moved to mumbai with his parents and their struggling for while he got chance to sing in Bollywood by Gulshan kumar the chairman of T series. 


He also sang song for a kannada movie in 1996.sonu nigam is considered as a great singer of Karnataka. 

Sonu nigam was a famous rj in radio city 91.1 fm. He has made his name famous not only in India but also internationally as well. 

Sonu nigam has hosted in various singing reality shows and done judging in various reality shows as well. 

Sonu nigam charges 30 lakhs per song, 40 lakhs per concert, 50 lakhs to host a show, 25 lakhs for music direction so his estimated networth is 400 crore according to online sources. 

Sonu nigam got married in 2002 to Madhurima Nigam and has son named Neevan Nigam. 

Sonu Nigam has won lots of music awards for his outstanding singing and contribution to Indian music industry. 

Sonu nigam has sung various cover song of late Mohammad rafi , kishore kumar and also has achieved a great position in world of playback singing. 

His songs:-

Here is the list of some famous song sung by sonu Nigam:

1) chanda ki doli

2) jeena hai tere liye

3) Is kadar pyaar hai

4) Ab mujhe raat din

5) sandese aate hai

6) kal ho na ho

7) Tanhayei

8) mohabbat kabhi maine

9) Abhi mujh me kahi

10) Bhagwan kaha hai tu

11) Tera milna

11) Ajnabi sehar hai 


Sonu Nigam has sung 1000s of songs and till now he is enjoying his journey of singing as well he performs concert all over the world too. 


Sonu Nigam is praised by people all over the world because of his marvellous singing. His fan following is all around the world. Everyone loves him. 

Even nowadays his son also sings song. He has made the cover song of famous song named kolaveri di and got viral and the cover song video was loved by many people all around the world. 

Sonu Nigam was surrounded by huge controversy of loudspeakers and Azaan but later the controversy was solved. 

His point was he was disturbed because of loudspeaker volume during Azaan time.Later he made his points clear to the people and later this controversy was solved. 

Nowadays sonu Nigam doesn't sing a lot of songs. In fact he is making his own songs like aye zindagi and he also made his fellows singers to sing same song of his and the song is one of my song. You once have to listen to the song it's on YouTube called Aye zindagi by sonu Nigam. 

Hoping you liked reading this biography of sonu Nigam. 

If you have any queries related to this biography please feel free to comment I promise I will reply you back as soon as possible. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) Is sonu Nigam punjabi? 

Ans:-No, sonu nigam is not punjabi. 

2) where was sonu Nigam born? 

Ans:-sonu Nigam was born in faridabad Haryana india. 

3) who are the top 5 singers of India? 

Ans:- The list changes time to time but as per report from 1 to 5 the singers are:--Lata mangeskar, Mohammad Rafi, udit Narayan, Asha bhosle, sonu Nigam. 

4) who is the son of sonu Nigam? 

Ans:-The name of sonu Nigam son is Neevan Nigam. 

5) can sonu Nigam sing Nepali song? 

Ans:-yes, indeed he has song dozens of popular Nepali songs. 

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