Biography of famous nepali author Parijat

 Journey of parijat to became a successful Nepali Author

PARIJAT(Bishnu kumari waiba) :-

Biography of parijat
Biography of Parijat

Literature generally means the collection of writings on the specific subject which can be in the form of fiction, poetry, non fiction and so on. 

Some famous Nepali authors are Laxmi prasad devkota, lekhnath paudyal, Bhupi sherchan, parijat, Bhanubhakta Acharya, Balkrishna sama, Bhim nidhi tiwari and so on. They have played huge role for the progress of nepali literature. They have worked hard for the development and progression of Nepali literature in the world. 

They have published numbers of great literature during their lifetime which is even popular amongst today's generation. And today we are going to read about one of the most great and respected author of Nepal and her tremendous efforts for the success of Nepali literature. 

Nepali literature has its own history and uniqueness. Nepali literature is the literature which is written in language called Nepali. 

Many famous authors have published their literature in this language and one of them is very famous lady author Parijat. 

Contents covered in this post:-

1) Introduction of parijat

2) Education of parijat

3) contributions of parijat

4) conclusion


Parijat was not the real name when she was born her name was Bishnu kumari waiba. She was born in Darjeeling in 1937 B.S.Her father name was kalu singh waiba and mother name was Amrit moktan. 

Her father was doctor by profession. She was the third child of her family. Her pen name was parijat, satyabhama, kanda, priyambda. 

She lost her mother in her childhood. Although she had different  nom de plume she was famous for parijat. 


Parijat did her schooling from Darjeeling. She did her intermediate in Arts from padma kanya campus kathmandu in 2013 B. S. 

Parijat had completed her graduation from Padma kanya in 2015 B. S. But she was unable to complete her masters in Arts due to her illness and financial problems. 


In 2012 B. S. She published her two poems in Dharti Newspaper and this was able to start her journey in Nepali literature. 

In 2014B.S she publishes Aakanshya poem series. 

In 2022 B. S. She published sirish ko phool and became well known figure in Nepali literature. She also won Madan puraskar for this. 

Her literature sirish ko phool is published in various language and it is taught in Maryland university America as Blue mimosa. 

She has written 22 books which includes 10 Novels, 3 poems collections, 3 Autobiographical works 4 story collection, 1 essay collection, 1 play collection. 

She has contributed alot in Nepali literature and she has made a unique position in Nepali literature. 


She has received this height of success in Nepali literature because of her hardwork and dedication. 

In 2050 B. S.  She died but her remarkable works towards Nepali literature will always be remembered by the people all around the world.

Hoping you got motivated and inspired from this biography and if you have suggestions do comment down below. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) What is the real name of parijat? 

Ans:- The real name of parijat is Bishnu kumari waiba. 

2) when was parijat born? 

Ans:-parijat was born on 1937 B. S. In Darjeeling. 

3) when was parijat died? 

Ans:-parijat died on 1993 A. D. (2050 B. S.) . 

4) who write shirish ko phool? 

Ans:--parijat the great author wrote shirish ko phool. 

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