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Biography and struggle of mumbiker nikhil as a youtuber in 2020

 Journey of mumbiker nikhil to become a famous vlogger of India


Mumbiker Nikhil aka Nikhil sharma is well known for his vlogging in India and all over the world. Mumbiker nikhil was born in Punjabi family in 1991,4th November. 

Biography of mumbiker nikhil
Biography of mumbiker nikhil

 His father name was Anil sharma and mother name is sitara sharma. 

Contents covered in this post:-

Introduction of mumbiker nikhil

Real name of mumbiker nikhil

Family of mumbiker nikhil

Schooling and education of mumbiker nikhil

Careers of mumbiker nikhil

YouTube journey of mumbiker nikhil


School and education:-

Mumbiker nikhil was an average student. He was  confused about his career and started doing hotel management after his schooling.

 After a certain time period he started his job as a cabin crew in qatar Airways. During his life journey he had invested in many of businesses but couldn't succeeded. 

On 27th December 2013 his father died because of heart attack and he decided to continue his father business and he got success in that.

 One day while he was surfing internet he saw a video in which people were doing moto blogging. He find it cool and he wanted to start out his own moto vlogging channel on YouTube.


 He decided to start his youtube journey on 13th July 2014 and started his channel named 'Mumbiker Nikhil'. 

Mumbiker Nikhil

 He uploaded his moto vlog from delhi to Ajmer and gained 10k subscriber and continuing his moto vlogging .

He then after completing his ladakh ride he gained 100k subscribers. Then he never looked back and continued his vlogging he travels all round the world and makes vlogs regarding this. 


 He has almost 3.7 million subscribers in his YouTube channel and he deserves it due to his diligence and determination he has achieved it. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) what is mumbiker nikhil age? 

Ans:-The age of mumbiker nikhil is 28 years old. 

2) Is mumbiker nikhil a punjabi? 

Ans:-Yes mumbiker nikhil is a punjabi. 

3) who is shanice shrestha? 

Ans:- shanice shrestha is wife of mumbiker nikhil and she is vlogger too.

4) How many bikes does mumbiker nikhil have? 

Ans:- He has around 4-5 bike but mostly he uses tiger, Bmw and ktm on his rides.

5) what is the real name of mumbiker nikhil? 

Ans:- The real name of mumbiker nikhil is Nikhil sharma. 

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