Biography and struggle of Elon musk to become one of the world richest men in 2021


Elon Musk Biography: How Elon Musk Became One Of The World's Richest Men

Today we are going to discuss about the biography and lifestyle of Elon musk and his struggle and success which he has done in his life.

Section 1: Early Life

A lot of people think that Elon Musk got to be a billionaire through his imagination and genius. That's not true.

He already had a successful career at PayPal when he first thought of PayPal. He sold some of the company for approximately $180 million. After that, he kept brainstorming to create something similar to PayPal.

He founded the company SpaceX in 2002 and then he started developing Tesla in 2003.

He is often called the most self-made man in modern history because he did it without any help from his parents.

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He has worked hard, earned good money, built companies and also made his parents proud. Elon Musk Biography says that Elon is the third of five children born to a Jewish-Armenian-Iranian father.

His father's name is Irganul Musk.

Tesla Motors

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa on December 28, 1971. He was the youngest of three children born to Paul Amos Musk and Maye Louise. Musk's parents were divorced when he was a child and his father was a successful businessman. Musk lived in South Africa with his mother and his two sisters, Justine and Tosca. He had a hard childhood as he had to play classical music to drown out the noise at his parents' divorce hearings.

Biography and struggle of Elon musk to become one of the world richest men in 2021

Biography and struggle of elon musk in 2022

When he was a teenager, Musk came to the United States with his mother and sister. He settled in Bel Air in Los Angeles.

He attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied Physics and Business. He also met his future business partner and and long-term friend, Josef Persson, who would later go on to be CEO of Skype.


As per the people who know a lot about him, Elon musk does not like to talk about his family life and has never shared his wife's name with them. But he has never denied the fact that he has children from his first marriage to Justine Musk.

Elon Musk Childhood

Elon Musk has a very good father who was highly educated and who taught him about hard work and studying, because he wanted his son to become successful in his life.

His father wanted him to become one of the most successful business people and this was his dream for his son. His father passed away when he was just 2 years old, when he was 2 years old, and this loss was very hard on Elon Musk.

Elon Musk Friends

Elon Musk has a few close friends who have helped him a lot when he was really in a bad situation.


He is one of the founder of a highly regarded US software company called OpenAI. This company is owned by his brother Kimbal Musk and will be helping the US government in developing artificial intelligence software. OpenAI was initially formed by Elon in July 2015 in California.


In 2004, he came up with the idea of electric cars and joined the online forum section of another tech firm called CEATEC, which later evolved into Tesla Motors. The first car he designed was named Tesla Roadster, which was powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries.


In 2002, Musk developed the first set of hardware and software for what would later be SpaceX. In 2003, he developed the first rocket for space called Falcon 1.


Elon Musk was born on January 8, 1971. At the age of 15, he and his dad bought his first computer.

Elon Musk grew up in Canada and he had studied in both public and private schools. He became a graduating student of Stanford University. He achieved to create SpaceX at the age of 26.

He is the founder of the companies like Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Elon Musk owns majority of the companies in the world.

Elon Musk name was inspired by Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell and Isaac Newton. He loves to play golf and he is an entrepreneur.

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