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How to use youtube thumbnails a step by step guide

  How To Download YouTube Thumbnails: A Step-By-Step Guide As we all see in YouTube that when the channel keeps amazing thumbnail we are att...


How To Download YouTube Thumbnails: A Step-By-Step Guide

As we all see in YouTube that when the channel keeps amazing thumbnail we are attracted to it and want to view. Thumbnail plays vital role for the views in YouTube channel and makes video more attractive.


Here I will try to show the step by step tutorial of downloading YouTube thumbnail and its different methods of downloading. Looking for Guide on How to add YouTube thumbnail to a video? Here you have one right here! Method One: Using App Download Downloads are the easiest way of download but it might take some time to download. Here we have the app for download which works very well and quick to download thumbnails. Download Now. Method Two: Using Wget This is another way of downloading thumbnails which also has a step by step guide of how to download and save them. You can also use the tool to upload YouTube thumbnails directly in blog post. Method Three: Using Gasht The best way of downloading thumbnails is using Gasht.

Step 1:- Open YouTube

Step 2Locate the video and click on the start button to view thumbnail Step 3A video will be shown like below. Step 4After watching a video, change the thumbnail according to your liking. Step 5Goto your favorites and tap on that video and enjoy! This will help you to increase your views and make YouTube channel attractive.

Step 2:- Open video

Click on the video thumbnail and select to download the video. Step 3It will show you a popup “File” dialog box. Hit OK button. The video thumbnail will start loading. Step 4You will see a download progress bar. The progress bar will be showing after 20-30 seconds. Download will complete in 20-30 seconds. It will show the thumbnail after downloading. Step 5Select the video you want to download. After you select the video you will see an option to download as MP4, H.264, ASF, DivX, MOV, etc. Click on the desired option and the video will be downloaded. Step 6This will install the video in folder. Step 7After downloading, you need to click on the downloaded video. It will automatically open in YouTube application.

Step 3:- Click on the thumbnail

Tutorial: Here you will get the option to download thumbnails from YouTube. How To Download YouTube Videos: A video is popular in the internet that anyone can watch by just clicking on video or music icon. And usually we have downloaded videos by clicking on the video title and clicking on the right choice. How To Download YouTube Videos: Now we have to download the video thumbnails. To download the video thumbnails we just have to go to the next page click on download video thumbnails. Step 4Choose the video size After choosing the video size you can download the thumbnails. Step 5Select the format After selecting the format you can download the thumbnails.

Step 4:- Download thumbnail

Downloading Video thumbnail for YouTube is pretty easy with the help of image search engine. Search Video thumbnail within the google images for YouTube. Click on the search tab and search for any video thumbnail you want. You can also use youtube for video search. If you know some of the most recent videos and their thumbnails, you can easily go through the same for this tutorial. This will search the video in the folder structure in google. You can also search with the name of the video. If you need a step by step instruction for this tutorial. click here: How to search Youtube thumbnails by name Click Here Google Search within the search bar for a search term and you will see a list of all the thumbnails. This will display the thumbnails with link.


If you are wondering how to download YouTube thumbnails for it’s better to visit to this page and get it right. You will get best ways to download Youtube thumbnails and video from thumbnails in many ways. Do not miss this opportunity to get thumbnails of YouTube and other platforms.

Even there are many websites from where you can download your youtube thumbnail free of cost.

Hope you like this post if you have any questions feel free to comment down below so that I can reply you back.

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