Web hosting strategies you should try in 2021


Introduction to web hosting:-

Web hosting generally means hosting the web. For a website to run we simply need domain and space to host our domain and website which is known as web hosting. Generally, the place or space where we store our content and data of our website can be termed as 'WEB HOSTING'. 

Difference between domain and hosting:-

Domain is the specific name of the website for example if we see www.google.com here google is the domain name of the website. 

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The place or space where we host our domain and website is known as web hosting. Some of the popular web hosting provider are hostinger, Namecheap, GoDaddy etc. 

Web hosting in India:-

There are various web hosting provider companies in india which provides hosting in cheap and affordable rates in india such as Namacheap, GoDaddy, bluehost , hostinger, siteground etc. 

Web hosting strategies you should try in 2021
Web hosting strategies you should try in 2021

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Why do we need a web hosting? 

Basically, to host our domain and website we need a web hosting. In blogging career server plays an important role. Server are of two types one is free server like BLOGGER and other is paid or self hosted server like Namecheap, Bluehost etc.

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 If we use free server we have some limitations but most of the popular creators and blogger uses paid or self hosted server so that it could meet their requirements. We can freely use our ideas through our self hosting server with less cost also. Whenever we buy server or web hosting we should properly check the speed of the server, you should buy your hosting from trusted company only. 

Different types of web hosting with examples:-

1) shared web hosting

2) vps web hosting 

3) cloud web hosting

4) Dedicated web hosting

5) Reseller web hosting

6) WordPress web hosting

1) shared web hosting:-

Shared web hosting means having many websites on a single server which also means number of websites is hosted on a single server. 

2) WordPress web hosting:-

Wordpress web hosting helps to run the wordpress more smoothly. 

3) Vps web hosting:-

Vps web hosting stands for virtual private server web hosting. It generally costs low in comparison to dedicated web hosting and is faster and smoother in comparison to shared web hosting. 

4) Cloud web hosting:-

Cloud web hosting can be used to make our website to run using cloud resources and makes our website to run more quickly and smoothly in comparison to other hosting platform. 

5) Reseller web hosting:-

Reseller web hosting helps us to host our own website and we can provide this Hosting to our partner as well. 

6) Dedicated web hosting:-

Dedicated web hosting is used by a single person to enhance his website and to secure and manage the speed and security of his website as well. 

The Complete Guide on How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting is very important to host Or build your website. The web hosting is the space where you can store the data of your website or post which you created.

Choosing a hosting company

When you want to host a website then you should search for a web hosting provider that offers you the best services. Every hosting company has their own features and function which is essential for a successful site. Searching When you search for the hosting company then you have to search for many companies and then choose one that offers the service you want to use. Solution It is very important to look at the business plan of the provider. The company which offers the solution will be more profitable than the one which doesn't. VPS If you want to build a website then you have to consider the VPS hosting plan. It is also called virtual server because it is a virtual space where you can have the entire space to store your website.

What is the web hosting service?

Web hosting is the server which is placed in between the Website of users and server for which he/she is accessing that site. Pros of Web hosting Highly visible web hosting - Web hosting gives you a high visual presence of the website. Flexible and Powerful - it helps you to run the website with a lot of flexibility. High performance - with high speed speed and reliability Web hosting helps you to store lot of data and process in fast pace. Cons of Web hosting You are losing the privacy and you are exposed to the dangers. So if you are looking for a reliable and secure Web hosting, make sure to choose a dedicated web hosting.

What to look for when choosing a hosting company

It has to be : A Good Hosting Space, Easy to use and have various plans, Which will not be costly but provides very good service. Acceptable Hosting Plans The best things are : Secure hosting accounts ,which helps to install your website and encrypt your important data and that is important, Domain name, which if transferred and registered would enable you to have a unique or personal website name. Should Have SSL Certificates, which helps to protect your personal and important data and that too its free, The hosting space is much cheaper that will make the customer able to purchase more. Free Reseller account, which is also another good choice and is good for the small and new website owners to get their start. Compliance with web server standards, network, hosting and security.

What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting?

or VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of Internet hosting where you rent virtual servers and IP addresses from a dedicated web hosting provider which is for business purpose. For e.g. you can share hosting space with 100 people and there are no costs which you pay to the provider like VPS hosting. In this case you will need to pay the data center that is associated with this hosting which has very many servers. For example if you are renting a space on shared hosting space, the hosting provider who is providing this service will make one or few servers which are you server which is shared to other users or which is like having multiple users’ account. In this type of hosting if you wish to do any operation to your server, you will have to email the IP address of the server.

Best web hosting company of 2021 you should definitely check out:-

1) Namecheap

2) Hostinger

3) chemicloud

4) Bluehost

5) A2Hosting

6) Hostarmada

7) Siteground

8) GoDaddy

9) Bluehost web hosting

My opinion:-

As we all know for a beginner to learn blogging they must start from blogger to learn about blogging and after gaining some knowledge in blogging they must shift to wordpress for better enhancement in the field of blogging. To start blogging one must have custom domain and web hosting and there are many companies at present which provides cheap hosting in affordable prices but before buying any hosting one must know about the reputation of that hosting company and the speed which they are providing before buying any hosting for your wordpress. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) Can I host my website for free? 

Ans:-Yes you can as google has provided blogger where you can simply host your website for free. 

2) can google host my website? 

Ans:- yes google host the website in the platform named blogger. 

3) What is web hosting and types of web hosting? 

Ans:-The place or space where we host our domain and website is called web hosting. 

Types of web hosting are:-

- shared web hosting 

-vps web hosting

-cloud web hosting

-dedicated web hosting

- reseller web hosting

- wordpress web hosting

4) web hosting kya hai? 

Ans:- Hume koi bhi website run karne ke liye domain aur hosting aane ki free space chahiye hota hai jaha hum humare website ka data store kar sakte hai usi space ko web hosting kehte hai. 

5) Is accuweb hosting free? 

Ans:- yes Accuweb hosting is free but you must fulfill few criterias before using it. 

6) What are some of the affordable web hosting? 

Ans:- Although many hosting provider companies provide affordable web hosting some of the popular web hosting provider company in my view are hostinger, Namecheap, GoDaddy, siteground etc. 

7) What are web hosting free wordpress? 

Ans:- There are not much free web hosting free WordPress but if you ask me for will tell you to once try accuweb hosting free but before using this free web hosting you must fulfill some criteria as well. 

Hope you like this post if you have any queries and questions feel free to comment down below so that i can reply you back. 

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