Festivals brings joys and happiness and keeps us calm and happiness. Festivals also brings closeness in the family and brightens our mood too. Festivals are celebrated to show our respect and thanking to our God. 

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Today we are going to talk about some amazing hindu festivals which will surely makes you feel excited while reading it many of you may know these festivals already so let's begin today's topic. 

Some of the amazing hindu festivals:-


Dipawali or diwali is celebrated by Hindu religion as in this day Lord Ram won over Ravan and came back to Ayodhya and this festival is the symbol of victory of positivity over negativity. In this festival people light candles, deep and celebrates this festivals and exchanges sweets with relatives and family members. This festival is also called festivals of lights. 

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2) HOLI:-

Holi is celebrated because it is the symbol of victory of positivity and truth over evil and negativity. This festival is also known as colour's festival. People put colors on each other face and celebrates this festival with great joy and happiness. 


This is one of the important festival of hindu religion. In this festival Goddess Durga is worshipped for 9 days and people does fasting 9 days and worships goddess Durga and is celebrated with great joy and happiness by the devotees all over the world. 


This festival is celebrated as in this day Lord krishna was born and people does various of entertainment things like dancing, matki fod, worships Lord krishna by visiting the temples and shares happiness and joy with family members and relatives. 


Mahashivratri is the festival which falls on the month of falgun. People worships lord shiva in this day and also does fasting on that whole day and night. People or devotees visits the temple of Lord shiva and worships him with great joy and happiness. Lord shiva is being worshipped by all the devotees in India and in Nepal. Here, in Nepal devotees visits Lord shiva temple specially pashupatinath temple and offers fruits, sweets to Lord shiva and worships Lord shiva. Mahashivratri festival is the symbol of wedding day of Lord shiva and goddess parvati. 

So these were some of the amazing festivals celebrated by hindu religion there are more festivals like Dusshera, ramnavami too. Today we have mainly talked about the upcoming festivals like MAHASHIVRATRI and Holi. 

Hope you liked this post if you have any queries and suggestions feel free to comment down below so that I can reply you back. 

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