Singati Hydropower IPO review and apply in Nepal


Singati Hydropower IPO:-

Many Ipo has been opened on the share market and investors are being active on buying the ipo of various companies in Nepal such as Nifra, changragiri and so on. Share market is now quite active as many investors are active and ready to buy share of different companies as per their interest. 

Today we are going to talk about latest ipo which is opened just today on chaitra 6 of singati Hydropower ipo and will last till chaitra 10.I have described below all the information related to singati hydropower and how many shares they have opened how many kitta can a investor buy and what are total no of kitta opened by singati hydropower Nepal. 

Singati Hydropower is a hydropower company in Nepal. It was established on jestha 5 , 2066 B. S. as a private company and on 2075 ashad 6 it was later changed into public company. Singati Hydropower headquarters is in Durbarmarg, kathmandu. 

IPO will cost Rs 100 per kitta and per investors only 10 kitta are available. Singati Hydropower ipo will be available from chaitra 6 and will end on chaitra 10.Total investors on the singati hydropower project ipo is 269700.

We can apply for the singati hydropower company ipo through our MEROSHARE app but my suggestions before buying ipo of any company one should do proper research on that company and it's company before buying shares of any company. 

Hope you like this post if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment down below so that I can reply you back. 

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