Fundamental rights in Hindi:-

Fundamental rights is also known as Mul adhikaar or Maulik adhikaar in hindi. For a person to live life fundamental rights are utmost important as it is the basic rights which a person gets as it is important for growth and development and overall valuable thing a person must have. 

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If a person is deprived of fundamental rights his life becomes the life of prisoner in the jail as we know prisoners don't get his rights in the jail same becomes the life of person outside the jail also if he or she is deprived of the fundamental rights. 

Fundamental rights in hindi
Fundamental rights in Hindi

Some examples of fundamental rights are as follows:-

1) Right to equality

2) Right to education

3) Right to speech

4) Right to freedom

5) Right against exploitation

6) Right to freedom of religion

7) Right to Constitutional remedies

8) Right to culture

9) Right to vote

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