PUBG mobile India is back?? 

PUBG is very popular online game which is played all around the world and has huge craze about this game all around the world. Many gamers does streaming of PUBG game on their YouTube gaming channel. 

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PUBG stands for player unknown battle ground which is developed by PUBG corporation. 

PUBG game has huge craze in India too but recently government of India had banned PUBG and some other popular apps In India. 

As of recent news some are telling that PUBG mobile India will be launced in India on 16 feb but it doesn't seems to be right. 

PUBG mobile parent company PUBG corporation is on the way to launch PUBG mobile India in India soon. Recently, Ministry of corporate Affairs are hiring new directors and PUBG India is also showing active on their page. 

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PUBG mobile India will be launced with the new name in India and may be launced in India in March, 2021

Hope to see PUBG mobile game soon in India and once again people and gamers will be able to enjoy their game and can do their game streams soon in India. 

Thank you