Motivational life story of Elon musk in 2021


Biography is a writings or book about a particular person about their story of life, their works and their contributions which they have done in their whole life.

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Today we are going to read about the biography of Elon musk and how he became successful in his life and how he changed his life from being nothing to become one of the richest person of the planet and listed in Forbes list. 

Motivational story of elon musk
Motivational story of Elon Musk

His childhood:-

Elon musk was born on 28 June,1971 in pretoria, south Africa. Elon musk was interested in reading books from his childhood. At the age of 12,he learnt computer programming and developed the game named BLASTAR. 

Family and his childhood:-

Elon musk father name was Errol musk and his father was engineer as well as pilot and mother name was Maye musk and she was model and dietician. 

His brother name is kimbal musk and sister name is Tosca musk. His first wife name is justine musk and second wife is Riley musk. He has five son Griffin, xavier, Damian, saxon and kai musk. 

His education:-

Elon musk is an African investor, engineer and businessman. He is also known as genius entrepreneur. At the age of 17,he started studying in queen university and later he completed his bachelor degree in science in 1992 from university of Pennsylvania. 

Motivational story of Elon musk
Motivational story of Elon Musk

His works:-

In 1995,he and his brother started the software company named zip2 which was later changed to compaq. In 1999 he started the financial company called 2002 he started spacex. In 2003 he started Tesla company and in 2006 he financed solar city and in 2016 Tesla and solar city were combined together by Elon musk. In December 2015 he started Artificial intelligence company named openAI. In 2016 Elon musk became co founder of Neuralink. 


He earns 2.3 billion dollars yearly from his Tesla company and he has invested in various other companies too. His networth as per report in 2020 is estimated to be 97 billion US dollars. 


After reading about Elon Musk biography we can find that if we work hard and follow our passion and if we are fully concerned about our goals in life one day we will surely get success in our life. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) Is Elon musk African? 

Ans:- yes as he was born in pretoria South Africa he is African. 

2) when was Elon musk born? 

Ans:- Elon musk was born in 28th June, 1971 A. D. 

3) who is the owner of Tesla company? 

Ans:-Elon musk is the owner of Tesla company. 

4) How did Elon musk became famous? 

Ans:- Elon musk is famous because of his electric car Tesla and is also the owner of spaceX.

5) what is the estimated income of Elon musk? 

Ans:- The estimated income of Elon musk is 97 billion US dollars. 

6) Who is the CEO of spaceX? 

Ans:-Elon musk is the CEO of spaceX.

7) what Is the age of Elon musk? 

Ans:- As per 2021 the age of Elon musk is 49 years old. 

8) Is Elon musk billionaire? 

Ans:- yes, of course Elon musk is billionaire as he has 209 billion US dollar as per the report of 2021.

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