Top 10 youtube vloggers of Nepal in 2020

 Top 10 vloggers of Nepal and their YouTube journey:-

Vlogging means telling their views and information and sharing their experiences and journey through videos. Vlogging and craze for vlogging has its own place and it is done by many people all across the globe. 

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There are various purposes of making vlogs or doing vlogging. 

Some bloggers do it for their livings  and some do it for their passion and so their passion to their audience and interact to their audience with the help of vlogging.

Many people gets confused between the word vlogging and Blogging. 

So vlogging means to sharing information or content in the form of video and Blogging means sharing the information or content in the form of text or writing. 

Top 10 vloggers of Nepal
Top 10 vloggers of Nepal

In Nepal there is great opportunity for vloggers to make vlogs on. Because as we all know Nepal is the country full of amazing and beautiful landscapes. 

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There are many places to visit and make vlogs on like pokhara, jomsom, muktinath, lumbini, mustang and so on.

Even tourists from foreign countries comes to Nepal to make vlogs about Nepal and it's beautiful landscapes. 

Many tourists even do motovlogging through their visit to mustang. So my point is there is great scope for vloggers to start their journey in the field of vlogging. 

Similarly, in Nepal vlogging is being done by many youtubers and today we are going to talk about Top 10 vloggers of Nepal. 

Top 10 vloggers of Nepal
Top 10 vloggers of Nepal

1) sisan baniya

Sisan baniya is very popular vlogger of Nepal. His YouTube videos cinematography and the way he puts the efforts in his videos is the thing people love about him. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-4.95 lakh subscribers 

Videos on YouTube:-297 videos. 

2) Girish khatiwada

Girish khatiwada is very popular and famous rapper of Nepal. He has done collab with many rappers in Nepal. His rap songs are awesome to hear. His vlogging skills and vlogs presentation is great to watch. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-3.99 lakh subscribers

Videos on YouTube:-376 videos

3) chetan vlogs

Chetan raj karki aka chetan vlogs is a popular vlogger of Nepal and he has also done collab with popular rappers of Nepal. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-5.4 lakh subscribers

Videos on YouTube:--chetan vlogs has uploaded 490 videos till now. 

4) sushant pradhan

Sushant pradhan is popular fitness vlogger. In his videos he describe and gives tips about fitness and diet. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-51.5k subscribers

Videos on YouTube:-149 videos

5) kicchy vlogs

Kicchy vlogs aka krisha bajracharya is popular vlogger of Nepal and she does daily vlogging on her YouTube channel and is popular for her party vlogs. 

Videos on YouTube:-97 videos

6) prechya bajracharya

Prechya bajracharya is famous vlogger of Nepal he does travel vlogging and makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-28.9k subscribers

Videos on YouTube:-74 videos

7) SMZ

Sushan Maharjan aka Smz is a popular motovlogger of Nepal. He does Motovlogging in his bike and people loves seeing his moto vlogs on YouTube. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-1.71 lakh subscribers

Videos on YouTube:-282 videos

8) iamsega

He is popular YouTuber and vlogger of Nepal. He does vlogging in his own style and passion which people loves about him. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-11.4 lakh subscribers

Videos on YouTube:-162 videos

9) Thatdudevlogs

Dhiraj magar aka Thatdudevlogs is a popular vlogger, YouTuber and actor of Nepal. People loves watching his vlogs. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-2.01 lakh subscribers

Videos on YouTube:-260 videos

10) James shrestha

James shrestha does reaction videos on his YouTube channel and people loves watching his reaction videos on YouTube. 

Subscribers on YouTube:-8.32 lakh subscribers

Videos on YouTube:-216 videos

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This report may changes as the time changes as we all know top 10 position changes time to time and never remains the same. 

I hope you liked reading this article and do comment who is your favorite vlogger among them. 

Thank you

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