Introduction:-(SWIFT CODE) 

Swift code is important for international transaction (from one country to another country). 

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The full form of swift is society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication. It is approved by international organization for standardization (ISO). 

A swift code may be of 11 digits or 8 digits. It is usually Used during international bank wire transfer. 

Swift code are the code used to transfers money from one bank to another bank and mainly used for international wire transfers. 

Swift code is also known as identifiers code or Bic codes. 

Contents covered in this post:-

1) swift code of Rashtriya banijya bank

2) swift code of laxmi bank limited

3) swift code of Nabil bank

4) swift code of Everest bank limited

5) swift code of global ime bank 

6) swift code of siddhartha bank limited

7) swift code of Nepal bank limited

8) conclusion

Swift code of banks of Nepal
Swift code of banks of Nepal

List of swift codes of banks of Nepal:-

1) Rashtriya banijya bank:RBBANPKAXXX

Swift code (8 characters) :-RBBANPKA

2) laxmi bank limited:LXBLNPKAXXX

Swift code (8 characters) :LXBLNPKA

3) Nabil bank limited:-NARBNPKAXXX

Swift code (8 characters) :NARBNPKA

4) Everest Bank limited:-EVBLNPKAXXX

Swift code (8 characters) :EVBLNPKA

5) Global ime bank limited:GLBBNPKAXXX

Swift code (8 characters) :GLBBNPKA

6) siddhartha bank limited:-SIDDNPKAXXX

Swift code (8 characters) :SIDDNPKA

7) Nepal bank limited:NEBLNPKAXXX

Swift code (8 characters) :NEBLNPKA

Swift code of bank of nepal
Swift code of bank of Nepal


Here we saw the list of Swift code of various banks of Nepal. Swift code is very important for transaction of money from one place to another. 

In fact Swift code is also important to receive money from other bank to our bank account. 

These Swift code may vary according to the bank so I request you to kindly be sure to place Swift code after contacting to your bank only. 

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Thank you