Network topology and types of network topology

Network topology and it's uses:-

The aim of network is to exchange data like text, audio, video from one place to different point. 

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Network topology can be described simply as arrangement of computer to be connected to network. 

Contents covered in this post:-

1) Bus topology

2) star topology

3) Ring topology

4) cellular topology

5) conclusion

Network topology and its types
Network topology and it's types

Types of Network topology:-

1) Bus topology:-

In bus topology computers are connected to a single cable. The advantages of bus topology are:-if one node fails it does not hamper other computers. It is less expensive because less amount of cable is used. Bus topology is used for small network such as lan. 

It's disadvantages are:-if main cable breaks the whole network stops working. If network fails in bus topology it is very hard to identify the problem. At a time one message or data is transferred through cable. 

2) star topology:-

In star topology nodes are connected to the central network device I. E. Hub/switch.

Advantages of star topology are:-it is easy to setup. It is easy to verify problems in star topology. 

Disadvantages of star topology is that if switch and hub are damaged all the nodes will stop working and repairing cost is also expensive in comparison to bus topology. 

3) Ring topology:-

Ring topology is used in offices, schools, small buildings and it is connected by single cable and looks like ring in shape. 

The advantage of ring topology is that it does not need central network device. 

The disadvantage of ring topology is that it is slower in speed than star topology. 

4) cellular topology:-

Cellular topology is wireless media and it is easy to expand and more nodes can be added into it. Example of cellular topology is router. 

It's disadvantage is its maintenance cost is high. 


Network topology and its types
Network topology and it's types

So these were the types of network topology used around us and it's advantages and disadvantages are also mentioned there. 

So I hope you have gained some knowledge related to network topology and it's types by reading this post. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

1) what are the five types of network topology? 

Ans:--The five types of network topology are:--mesh topology, star topology, bus topology, ring topology, tree topology. 

2) which topology is the best? 

Ans:- star topology is the best among other topologies. 

3) which topology is the fastest? 

Ans:--mesh topology is fastest among other topology. 

4) which topology is used in schools? 

Ans:-Ring topology is used in the schools. 

5) what is the full form of LAN, MAN, WAN? 

Ans:-The full form of LAN is local area network, the full form of WAN is wide area network and the full form of MAN is metropolitan area network. 

For suggestions and queries  comment down below so that I can reply you back. 

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