As we all know Health is wealth. Health is the most important thing in our life which we must take care off. Because if we are healthy than we can fulfil our dreams and achieve success in our life. 

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If we are not healthy and don't care about our health we cannot work hard and even can't earn for living so health is most important thing in our life. 

As talking about Health we all know for our body to be healthy weight plays vital role in it. Because if we have overweight we cannot do much physical things and same is the case in underweight too. 

So we must maintain proper body weight to have a healthy body. Today I have written post about how to increase body weight properly using home remedies. 

Everybody in the world wants their body in proper weight in proper size and in proper shape. 

People don't want their body's weight to be overweight. 

    Everybody wants to look perfect so today we thought let's know how to gain our body weight properly and in natural way. 

    Many people think that too much eating and not caring about the nutrition value of their food can increase their weight which is absolutely wrong in my view. 

    Because too much consuming of food can cause negative effect on their health. 

    So today we are getting to discuss about some steps which should be followed to  realize weight naturally. 

    Steps to be followed to gain weight naturally:-

    1) Firstly we are discussing about sleeping because sleeping plays an crucial factor for weight. 

    We should sleep minimum of 7 to 9 hours for healthy body and mind. 

    2) After awakening in the morning we should always consume atleast 2 glasses of warm water because it removes toxins within the body.

    It helps our body and muscles relaxed and warm water also maintains proper blood circulation within the body. 

    Benefits of drinking warm water
    Benefits of warm water

    3) After consuming warm water relax for few time and than you will consume some soaked almonds and walnuts because it has huge impact on gaining weight. 

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    4) After consuming almonds and walnuts start doing workout because it is beneficial for weight gain and it also helps to grow muscles properly and also makes us physically fit. 

    5) After workout eat proper breakfast and don't skip your breakfast as it is important for weight gain. 

    Benefits of eating diet meal
    Benefits of eating meal for weight gain

    6) We should consume meal and dinner in proper amount in order that it are often easily digested by our body. 

    7) we should always totally avoid the junk food from our diet plan and consuming of sugar should even be avoided because it can have negative effect in our health. 


    So today I covered the topic related to how can we increase our body weight naturally and in proper way. 

    You can follow these steps so that you can increase your weight too because all of we know that proper body weight is very important for healthy life. 

    Hoping you liked reading this post. If you liked this post than please give some suggestions for this post. 

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    Thank you