Everyone wants to earn money by sitting at home. If you have interest in blogging than you must try blogging as Google has provided free platform named blogger where you get free hosting and free blogspot domain provided by Google and start your blogging journey from today.

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Google is an American multinational technology company and Google adsense is a part or program of Google company. 

Tips to get adsense approval in 2021
Tips to get adsense approval in 2021

Google adsense:-

Google adsense is an advertising publishing program or service provided by Google. We can earn money online by taking approval from adsense for our adsense for our website or YouTube channel and start earning by placing ads on it. 

Today we are going to discuss about getting the adsense approval in blogger and WordPress site by following the given steps mentioned below:-

Adsense approval for blogger and WordPress site:-

Tips to get adsense approval in 2021
Tips to get adsense approval in 2021

1) firstly, we have to buy a custom domain for our blog. 

2) we have to setup our blog on blogger and WordPress. 

3) we have to follow all the policies of adsense to get it's approval. 

4) we have to use proper and responsive theme for our site. 

5) we have to create menu option for blogger and wordpress. 

6) we have to create pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, sitemap on our website. 

7) we have to write at least 25 post before applying for adsense. 

8) Each post should be unique and should contain atleast 1000 words. 

9) we have to index our pages on webmaster tool. 

10) we have to index our website on google search console to index our posts and pages on google. 

11) we should be always be sure that our website is compatible with adsense. 

12) your website should be at least a month old and should have enough and unique content on it and then finally you can apply for adsense. 

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