Biography of tiktok star krishna

Krishna journey on the way to be a tik tok star:-

Tik tok is the fastest growing app in India over millions of people use this app in India and showcase their talent using this social platform and one of them is Krishna who got huge success and became a tiktok star by his slow motion videos. 

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The full name of krishna is krish gawali. Krishna is famous for his slow motion videos on tik tok. 

He was born on 31st July 1997 in Mumbai in marathi family. 

Biography of krish gawali
Biography of krish gawali


Before started making tik tok videos, krishna used to post photos on Instagram.

In 2018 krishna started his tik tok journey then in 2019 he gained more than 5 million followers on tik tok and 150k followers on Instagram. 

Krishna favorite actor is shah Rukh Khan favorite singer is atif aslam. 


. Krishna hobbies is photography, editing, making tik tok videos. He loves to play cricket and his favorite bike is victor. 

Krishna has also won slow motion king award for his tik tok video where he does slow motion in his videos. 


Krishna earns around 4 lakhs per month from his tik tok, photoshoot, and from commercial ads. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-


What is the age of krishna gawali? 

Ans:-As per year 2020 the age of krishna gawali is 16 years old. 


Where does krishna gawali live? 

Ans:-krishna gawali lives in Mumbai, maharashtra, India. 


What is krishna gawali famous for? 

Ans:-krishna gawali is famous for his slow motion tik tok videos. 


How many followers he has on tik tok? 

Ans:- krishna gawali has 5 million followers on tik tok. 


How many followers does krishna gawali has on Instagram? 

Ans:-krishna gawali has 150k followers on Instagram. 

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