Biography and teachings of lord gautam buddha

 Journey of Gautam Buddha to become the light of Asia:-


Biography and teachings of lord buddha
Biography and teachings of Lord buddha

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Introduction of Lord buddha

Birthplace of Lord buddha

Childhood of Lord buddha

Motivation and teachings of Lord buddha



Gautam Buddha was born 2500 years ago from now. His father name was king suddhodhana and mother name was mayadevi. He was born in lumbini, Nepal. He was named as siddhartha Gautam in his childhood. 

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After the birth of Gautam Buddha  people came to knew he has the ability to be a great world ruler or a spiritual leader. 

His childhood:-

His father wish was to make him a great ruler to rule the world so he was kept inside the surroundings of the palace. He was not allowed to go out of the palace so that he could not see the pain and sufferings of the people outside the palace and change his mind to become a spiritual leader. 

Biography and teachings of lord buddha
Biography and teachings of Lord buddha

Gautam Buddha was just 7 days old when his mother died  so he was grown up by his mother's sister maha prajapati.

 King suddhodhana the father of Gautam buddha wanted to make Buddha life happy so he provided all the essentials inside the palace itself. 

At the age of 16,Gautam Buddha was married to yashodhara and after that their son was born named as Rahul. 

As time was passing by it seemed everything is worthless and meaningless for him now. He wanted to explore what is outside the surroundings of the palace. 

He decided to go out alone at night without telling anyone he went outside the palace with his horse and helper.


When he was passing by through the village he saw old man walking uncomfortably again walking for sometime he saw a diseased person and again after walking for a while he saw a people carrying a dead man towards the cemetery. 

His motivation:-

 All these things made Gautam Buddha confused and sad.He wanted to know what is happening to them and after a while he met a monk and asked him all the questions which were struggling in his mind and after talking for some time he finalised to become a monk and live monk's life. 

Gautam Buddha left the palace and began to explore his journey at the age of 29.He wanted to live a simple life without any luxury and explore the world from his own eyes. 

After living this life for six years he knew he was gaining nothing so finally he drank curd and left his fasting.

 He was in total confused condition and then he bathed and sat under the bodhi tree and realized that life itself is a form of sufferings some people suffers more and some people suffers less but everyone has to suffer in their life. 

At the age of 35 he gained enlightenment and became Buddha .After the request of Lord bhramha he began to share his knowledge and  teachings amongst the people and Next 45 years he taught people about the meaning of suffering and how to end the sufferings and it was popularly called Buddhism.


 So because of his teachings and disciplines and giving a life meaning to live he is popularly known as Light of Asia. 

Many countries around the world follows buddhism like china, Japan, Myanmar, indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal, srilanka, Laos, Mongolia, India etc

I hope this biography inspired you if you have any queries regarding this post do comment. 

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) :-

1) where was Gautam Buddha born? 

Ans:-Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. 

2) who was the father of Gautam Buddha? 

Ans:-king suddhodhana was the father of Gautam Buddha. 

3) who was the mother of Gautam Buddha? 

Ans:-Mayadevi was the mother of Gautam Buddha. 

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