Biography and struggle of carryminati in 2020

Journey of carryminati to become top youtuber of India


Every YouTuber does hard work to get success in their YouTube journey. Some YouTuber gets success while some fails to get success. Today we are going to talk about the famous YouTuber of India carryminati and how he followed his passion and did all his hard work and got famous in his YouTube journey. He is loved by the people all round the world and is most celebrated YouTuber of India.  

Carry minati aka Ajey Nagar is famous youtuber of India who was born in 1999 on the month of July 12 in the place named as Haryana. 

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 He did his schooling from delhi public school faridabad and after completing the schooling he left his studies because he wasn't least curious about his studies. 

 He rather loved playing football and video games. 

Biography of carryminati
Biography of carryminati


Carryminati is a youtuber,social media influencer and gamer. He started his first YouTube channel at the age of 11 where he used to show his football skills but this channel didn't get popular. 

 Again in the age of 15 he started another YouTube channel AddictedA1 where he used to play games and do funny comments related to games .

Then he started his roasting channel where he roasted and given his opinion on different videos and different channels of YouTube like bhuvan bam .

 He was among first channel in India where he started roasting.Now carryminati has quite  23 million subscribers and after making the video on YouTube vs tiktok. He gain more popularity in his YouTube channel this video was on trending page for many days. 


He earns alot from brand promotions and from his YouTube channel in round figure we can say that he earns around, $3000 to $5000 per month from his style="font-size: medium;">

He has song three rap song like bye bye pewdiepie  yalgaar and his latest release is VARDAAN song which is story of carryminati from his childhood journey to success of being a reknown youtuber. 


So by this manner carryminati is one among highest youtuber of India right currently. He has worked hard for his YouTube channel and eventually he's living his dreams and hope he gains more and more subscribers in future and keep entertaining us.

Thank you carryminati for entertaining usus through your videos. 

He is also Asia top individual creator at present because of his fan following, content and subscribers. 

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) :-

1) why  is carryminati so famous? 

Ans:-carryminati is famous because of his popularity among the youth and his roasting ability and his gaming skills as he has gaming channel named carryislive. 

2) Is carryminati a millionaire? 

Ans:- yes, carryminati is a millionaire. 

3) How many channels does carryminati have? 

Ans:- carryminati has two YouTube channel one is carryminati and one is carryislive. 

4) who is top YouTuber of India? 

Ans:- carryminati is top YouTuber of India at present. 

5) who is the best roaster in India? 

Ans:-At present carryminati is the best roaster of India. 

I hope you liked reading this article and hope it motivated you as well. For any queries or suggestions do comment. 

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