Binod chaudhary and his success story:-

Every successful story has the struggle story as well. No one becomes successful overnight. It takes lots of efforts and hard work to achieve and taste the true meaning of success. So today I am going to tell you the story behind the success of Binod chaudhary and all his struggle and efforts he put to became what he is today. 

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Hardwork and dedication is what we need to achieve heights of success in our life. We must focus on our goals what we want to be and what we want to do in future and should always follow our passion too. If we are doing some work and if we are not passionate about our work than we cannot get success in our job. Success is not easy task to do it needs hard work and true determination than only one can achieve the success. 


Binod chaudhary was born in April 14,1955 A.D. in the capital city of Nepal kathmandu. Binod chaudhary father was Lunkaran Das chaudhary and mother name was Laxmi chaudhary. 

Biography of Binod chaudhary
Biography of Binod chaudhary

Contents covered in this post:-

Introduction of Binod chaudhary

Childhood of Binod chaudhary

Careers of Binod chaudhary

Success of Binod chaudhary


His childhood:-

His journey started when his grandfather came from Rajasthan india to Nepal and opened a textile industry in kathmandu later. His father started working on his textile industry but after some time duration his father suffered from heart problem. Binod chaudhary had to left his studies and take over the textile works previously done by his father in his teenage. 


Binod chaudhary worked hard day and night and changed his departmental store into Nepal's biggest corporate house.

 His company chaudhary group has 60 brands and is distributed in 30 countries worldwide.

 Around 6000 people works in his company. Chaudhary group biggest success is noodles named 'Wai Wai'.

 His other companies are CG hotels, CG electronics and home appliances, CG cement, CG real states. 

Binod chaudhary not only earns but also donates in different sectors such as education sectors, health sectors etc. 


He has become first Nepali to be in the billionaire list of Forbes. He has estimated earnings of $1.5 billion dollars. So his biography teaches us if we exerting and is hooked into our works at some point we will also get success and achieve our dreams like binod chaudhary did. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-


Who is the CEO of chaudhary group? 

Ans:--Binod chaudhary is the CEO of chaudhary group. 


Who is the founder of Wai Wai? 

Ans:--Binod chaudhary Is the founder of Wai Wai. 


How much money dies binod chaudhary have? 

Ans:-Binod chaudhary has approximately 1.5 billion United States dollars. 


When was Binod chaudhary born? 

Ans:--Binod chaudhary was born on 14th April, 1955.


Where was Binod chaudhary born? 

Ans:-Binod chaudhary was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

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